Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Things I Love + A Recommendation

We spend a lot of time on hate. What about love? I'd love more love.

Right now I'm listening to Queen (their first eponymous album) and eating home-roasted pumpkin seeds. These are things I love. Also, tonight we finished watching Midnight Mass (on Netflix) which was flipping fantastic. Highest recommends.

Maybe, depending on how things go, this space can be used as a bit of a clearinghouse for the things I love most in the world. If no one is listening anyways, it's not like I have to be super strict with myself. May as well stretch out, put my feet up.

With respect to my reading list, I'm already cheating my own system. I haven't finished 1Q84 -- I've relegated it to the Finnegans Wake seat of honor (aka porcelain throne) to ensure, erhm, daily progress. In the meanwhile, I've read The Hunger Games and started Johnny Got His Gun. It's not totally tidy, but it's something. And something is so much better than nothing.