Friday, July 6, 2012

Woot..? I'll say woot!

Apparently a story I had published last year was selected as an Honorable Mention for possible inclusion in the anthology Best Horror of the Year vol. 4!


But not published in that collection.


It is... one of 608 Honorable Mentions...


But!  The anthology is legit.  The story was selected in its fashion by Ellen Datlow, who says that she'd "read or skimmed...a LOT more" stories than that to whittle it down to just the... er, 608 best.  At the very least, I'll take it as an affirmation that my story isn't God-awful, which -- if you're me -- is important and high praise.

And when I think about it... being in the top 608 in anything, any category, across the US (or however wide this net was cast) for an entire year?  Is actually a pretty remarkable thing, and especially for a novice such as myself.

Also on this list?  Peter S. Beagle.  Elizabeth Bear.  Peter David.  Kelly Link.  Joyce Carol Oates.  Robert Silverberg.  Kate Wilhelm.

Oh, and Stephen King.

So, you know, when an award-winning and eminent editor like Ellen Datlow puts one of my horror stories on the same list as those of folks like Stephen King?

I think it's time to woot.